Mother and son duo take to the screen

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

A Tucumcari mother and son have been spending time together on the silver screen.

Donna Booher and her son, Gerren Loman, of Tucumcari can be seen in the remake of the 1957 western-action film, “3:10 to Yuma,” staring Russell Crowe, Christian Bale and Peter Fonda. The film opened on Friday in various cities across the United States, including Albuquerque.

The film was shot in Santa Fe where Booher and Loman worked as extras in November of last year.

“In the movie, I play the wife of actor Harp Corrigan,” said Booher. “I am in the scene when they capture Ben Wade (Crowe).”

“I was cast to be one of the railroad surveyors in the movie,” said Loman. “Working with such famous actors was exciting.”

While on the movie set, Booher and Loman said they got used to the long hours and routines of the film industry.

“We worked 12-hour days sometimes longer,” said Loman. “They would have us re-do a scene over and over until they got the perfect shot.”

“When the director said, ‘back to one’ that meant everybody went back to their starting position of the scene,” said Booher. “When we heard them say ‘checking the gate’ we knew the director had what he wanted.”

Checking the gate is when the film crew examines the camera equipment for any debris that might spoil the desired shot.
Despite the hours, Booher and Loman said they enjoyed several of the perks of movie making.

“While we were filming, actor Luke Wilson (“Old School” and “Blue Streak”) showed up on the set and watched several scenes being filmed. During one take, Peter Fonda came over and spoke with us – that was very exciting,” Booher said.

“I was able to stand behind the director … see the movie from his perspective,” said Loman. “He had several monitors with different camera angles and seeing him work was very exciting because I’d like to be a director one day.”

After completing their work in “3:10 to Yuma,” Loman and Booher went to work on another movie set in December 2006.

The two were cast as extras in the upcoming Steven Segal movie, “Once Upon a Time in the Hood” that was filmed in Albuquerque.
“I was cast as a gang member and was in the background of a fight scene,” said Loman. “I have looked up to and admired Steven Segal for a long time and to have the chance to work with him and see him in action was amazing.”

“Steven Segal was a very nice, calm and soft-spoken guy,” said Booher.

Loman has always wanted to study martial arts and having the chance to watch Segal display his martial arts skills in person was also a dream come true.

“I was surprised to learn that he does not pull his punches in a fight scene,” said Loman. “He would make sure that the guy he was fighting was OK after the fight.”

There has been no release date set for “Once Upon a Time in the Hood.”

Booher said she has decided to move up to Santa Fe so her son can be closer to his agent and to the movie job opportunities.

“Ever since he was small, I knew that he was going to be in movies,” she said. “At a young age, he was always trying to get our attention. I started him off in commercials and he has continued on this path since.”