Economic development targets six industries

By QCS Staff

The area’s economic development agency plans to target segments of six growth industries in hopes of creating 595 new jobs over the next five years, said Patrick Vanderpool, executive director of the Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Corp.

The targeted areas have a predicted growth rate of between 12.3 percent and 62 percent, according to GTED’s plan presented at its annual meeting on Monday.

Those areas are:
l Energy, Water and Environmental Tech
l Biosciences
l Retail
l Transportation
l Information Technology
l Health Care

In other business at the annual meeting, was the election of officers to the executive board. GTED’s newly elected officers are Franklin McCasland as president, Leo Thrasher as vice president and Richard Primrose as secretary/treasurer.

Several board members, including Patsy Gresham and McCasland, praised the plan’s detailed steps and goals.

Vanderpool said members of the GTED would now have to study apsects of each of the six industries so that prospective businesses would know that Tucumcari and Quay County understood their specific business needs.