09-15-07: Tuck’s Turf

By Howie Tucker

On Sept. 22 is the Evening Nite Lite 4-Person Scramble at the Golf Course for your entertainment. It’s funny I say entertainment because it is a different kind of golf to planning the dark of night and it’s a fun night for all.
There will be lighted tee areas, lighted flagsticks and cups. The committee is headed by Randy and Carol Block.
The goodies start at about 6 p.m. with hotdogs and drinks for everyone.
Sign up by calling the golf shop at 461-1849.
And don’t forget to bring your flash lights and to dress warm.

Pointer of Week
Now is the time to get your game tuned up and ready for the upcoming year. Stop by the golf shop and sign up for Lessons and get a good plan to work on during the cooler months.

Rule of Week
Penalty Stroke: A penalty stroke is one added to the score of a player or side under certain rules. In a threesome or foursome, a penalty stroke or strokes do not affect order of play.

Howie Tucker is the PGA professional at the Tucumcari Municipal Golf Course.