City strikes deal on water delivery for feedlot

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

The city approved a contract to supply water to the developers of a feedyard at its City Commission meeting Thursday night.

The city agreed to furnish the water at a cost of $1.86 per 1,000 gallons of water delivered, according to a contract to be signed by the city and Tony Gable and Mark Whetten who are developing a feedyard near the city’s landfill off of Highway 54.

City manager John Sutherland said the rate was similar to the one charged to other water users, such as Liberty and RAD, which supply water to rural customers.

It’s estimated the feedlot would use about 1million gallons a month compared to RAD, which uses about 4 million per month, Sutherland said.

Gable and Whetten were seeking a set rate for up to five years. However, commissioners said the feedlot should be subject to any costs and increases other customers might have in the future.

City code enforcement officer Cathy Estrada reported that the owner of the Sands Dorsey building, which was severely damaged by fire on June 8, was complying with recommendations to make the building safe.

Estrada also said the condemnation notice, which gave the owner, Bob Hengstenberg, 30 days to comply would come due on Sept. 21. At that time, Hengstenberg could apply for an extension, she said.

Hengstenberg said that he planned to seek an extension. He also said he had waited earlier in the week for a contractor and engineer to show up and work on the buidling, but that they had not shown up at an agreed upon time.

Meanwhile, the owners of the building adjacent to the Sands Dorsey have filed suit against Hengstenberg, seeking damages and compensation related to the fire.