Giving way to herd instinct is long way from easy chair

By Aggie Moncus

The slave decided I, Aggie, could do the writing this week because she was otherwise occupied–meaning she was too lazy to do any extra thinking.

She and I really have had some good times on our Sunday walks of late because the weather has been cooler and more comfortable. She even decided to amble farther than usual last week and didn’t have to ask me to walk more slowly on our way back to the car. I had a blast because I spotted a turtle and several tarantulas – at least, that is what the slave called them. I just noticed that one was encased in a hard shell that almost bruised my nose when I tried to move it out of my way. It also hid its head for a few minutes before deciding to blink at me with those large amber eyes.

The first black and brown fuzzy, many-legged creature caused me to hide behind the slave just in case it could be as dangerous as it looked. I tried to slip up on it to see what it would do, and it jumped before I could go into hiding. Of course, the slave also jumped, but she laughed and said it wouldn’t hurt us. I didn’t even try to visit with any of the other spidery insects because I could just imagine one of them jumping on my nose and maybe biting it off.

I’d really rather that we just walk along without interruption from any other creatures. I prefer to check out their tracks and try to imagine what they might be instead of having to stand behind the slave while she takes pictures or protects me from harm. I am also glad that we have a fence between us and the cattle we sometimes see during our walks. They tend to scare me silly when they bawl, and that makes the slave tease me about my lack of courage. She keeps telling me I am part cow dog and should be brave enough to go right up to one of those huge beasts to let it know I could herd him if I really decided to do so.

I am not a herder except when herding the slave along to be sure she goes in the right direction. I’m never too sure that she knows where she is going so I try to remember where we leave the car and then either drag her back or nose her heels until she goes the right way. I also herd her around the house in order to be sure she knows where she put my food and can also find the treats I need for being such a good girl.

Obviously, she needs all the help she can get and has to be pushed around just a little in order to see that she does the right thing. Besides, I have to show her who’s boss and let her know that I am here to order her around.

I also try to see that she sits quietly in her recliner in the evening so I can sit beside her and have some good naps. Because she often talks on the phone during that time, I have found that I can hear both sides of the conversation if I will sit very close to her. I don’t think she has discovered that trick yet, and she probably won’t because she is not apt to pay any attention to me while she is talking to someone else.

I see her coming and need to get this printed before she thinks she should proof read it. She really doesn’t need to know everything I write or think.

If you see her soon, you might tell her to give me just a little more freedom so I can practice my writing techniques. I know I can improve, but I can’t do much without playing with more and more words. Let’s visit again soon!