Cattle guards not fit for team

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Horses and cattle guards don’t mix.

So, when new cattle guards were installed on QR 70, between Highway 54 and San Jon, rancher Lee Stone wasn’t as thankful as some might expect.

Stone is probably one of a few ranchers who still uses a team of horses to check on his windmills, horses and pastures. But now he must stop and open the gates beside the guards, and then drive the team around the cattle guard so that the horses can get back on the road.

It’s also why Stone and his son, Dusty Stone, plan on bringing their case before the Quay County Commission at its next meeting on Friday.

Letters and phone calls with requests to county officials to remove the cattle guards have been to no avail, said Lee Stone, whose family has used teams for 50 years on their property.

Horses came before autos and pickups and have certain “indelible rights,” Stone said.

The first rules of the road are still for horse travel according to state statutes, Stone said.