State Fair Results

The following are some results of Quay County exhibitors at the New Mexico State Fair.

NM Bred Swine Show
Brittany Slutz: 5th Place Spot
Ken Mercer: 3rd Place Chester

Jr. Swine Show
Brittany Slutz: 9th Place Lightweight Spot
Ken Mercer: 5th Place Heavyweight Chester
Shana Sorrels: Breed Champion Crossbred
Hayes Frost: Breed Champion Hampshire, Reserve Grand Champion Overall

Jr. Goat Show
Savannah Thompson: 6th Place – Class 2

NM Bred Lamb Show
Kevyn Thompson: 2nd Place Finewool Cross
Sam Robinson: 8th Place Blackface
Kateri Bowe: 2nd Place Blackface
Lily Bowe: 5th Place Mutton Cross

Jr. Lamb Show
Chase Thompson: 2nd Place Class 3 Blackface, 3rd Place Class 6 Blackface
Kateri Bowe: 1st Place Ligthweight Blackface, 3rd Place Lightweight Finewool, 7th Place Blackface
Lily Bowe: 4th and 5th Place Middleweight Mutton Cross, 9th Place Blackface
Kevyn Thompson: 1st Place Middleweight Finewool Cross, 5th Place Class 5 Blackface, Champion Novice Showmanship
Lisa Mitchell: 4th Place Lightweight Mutton Cross
Jr. Steer Show
Lisa Mitchell – 3rd Place Class 4 Cross
Cimarron Osborn – 5th Place Cross
Jr. Heifer Show
Cimarron Osborn – 1st Place AOB
Roy Hampton – 7th Place AOB