City looking for commissioner nominees

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Persons who are interested in serving as city commissioner for District 4 are being encoruaged to send in their letters of interest.

The City Commmission agreed to seek registered voters who reside in the district and to consider those names at its next meeting.
Mayor Mary Mayfield resigned on Sept. 20 because of health reasons.

Commissioner Jim Lafferty advanced the name of Robert Lumpkin to serve out Mayfield’s term, but it was suggested that others may want to serve. So it was decided to open up the process to all qualified persons who submit letters of interest.

Letters must be submitted to City Hall by Oct. 8.

In other business before the city:

It appears the Sands-Dorsey building, which was severely damaged by fire on June 8, could have a short life.
A resolution was passed to “abate the unsafe condition of the building.”

Owner Robert Hengstenberg spoke before the commisson and said he had performed some tasks to make the building safe, but had not submitted an appeal on the notice of condemantion within 10 days of reciept.

Hengstenberg said he had tried to get contractors to come to the building and provide estimates and perform work.

Speaking on Hengsteberg’s behald were an attorney and architect, who advocated saving the building.

Owner of Pajarito Interiors, Ruth Nelson, said the city’s ordinace did not provide for an extension on the condemnation notice, which had benen discussed at the city’s last commission meeting. Nelson also said the building was a safety concern to pedestrians, vehicular traffic, and nearby property.

Nelson also said that access to stores in the area was hampered and hurting retailers business.

The Sands Dorsey Buildign is at the corner of Second and Main streets.

Sutherland said it would cost the city about $20,000.

In another matter the city agreed to allow angle parking next to Tucumcari Lumber, along Aber Street at Main Street.

Owner Jerry Mares said he complied whith all the city procedures for requesting a zoning variance, but no action had been taken by the city’s Planning Zoning Commission.

Commissioners passed the angle parking variance, but also put a mortatorium on other similar variances until there was a downtown master plan.