College ties bind friends and memories

By Lnn Moncus

Last week was made special by a visit from Debbie Widger, Gift Planning Director, and Robert Peterson, Major Gifts Officer, from New Mexico State University. Yes, such titles sound quite impressive and are, but the young people who carry them are the impressive ones.
Debbie is probably the best known Aggie in the country because she served for so many years as Alumni Director and traveled throughout our land to visit with Aggies and keep us in touch with each other.

That she takes time to visit this Golden Aggie on some of her trips in the state is a major treat because she always brings news of friends from campus and because she has remained such a good friend through all these years. In those long ago years, I used to look up from my desk frequently to see her wandering down the hall in the English building to stop to chat for a few minutes. Even then she had time to visit and to be a friend.

Robert is a newcomer to our dinner gatherings here and has become a welcome guest because he and I can talk the same language at times. He has a major interest in windmills and even teaches classes about them so we can talk about some of the people here whom he should meet or talk about some of the mills we have seen. He is very patient as he sits at the dinner table surrounded by gabbing females and often adds much to the lively conversations.
During the last few years, Debbie has also become friends with Yvonne Braziel and Yvette Peacock at Del’s and enjoys visiting with them while we eat.

Listening to young people talking is always a major treat because they remind me of students and the lively topics they used to choose. They certainly aren’t about to become involved with some stuffy topics that would put all of us to sleep. As a result, much laughter erupts as we munch our food. The time passes all too rapidly, but I know that we will have a repeat visit ‘ere long because Debbie will think of some excuse to head in this direction.

Of course, I accuse her of all sorts of things when she calls to say she will be appearing soon. If she says she is on her way to some other town, I have to come to the defense of ours and tell her that we have a couple of Aggies right here.

She has worked hard through the years to get us organized, but we have remained the wild Aggies of the past and have just gone about our business without seeing the necessity to have one more meeting to attend.

Now that she is in another department, she may stop to see a few about making contributions to the university. The young friend has never approached me on that subject, knowing full well that I would give more if she were to remain quiet. She knows how to retain a friendship and knows when to be her quiet self.

Having the opportunity to watch her grow through all these years has been a real privilege. From that rather shy young girl, she has turned into a polished, conversant young lady who can meet anyone and feel comfortable. Because she seems comfortable with herself, she makes those of us around her feel comfortable. Being able to talk about the university and its history is a rare treat. She knows just what subject to introduce in order to start me on the trail of remembering the past. She also had the sense to interrupt when she can see that I am going to bore the rest of the guests to tears, especially when they have no idea about whom we are talking. Her visits just naturally energize my pride in our university and make me eager to see her again on her next visit.