Letters to Editor: Cooperative spirit to clean up

I’d like to start this letter out on a positive note: Tucumcari has a lot of people who take pride in keeping their homes and businesses looking good. And I appreciate that as I’m sure many people do.
However, I’m afraid those aren’t the properties that stand out to our visitors who come to town.
Our community goes to a lot of trouble to bring events to town, but we aren’t doing much about cleaning up all the trash and weeds!
If everyone picked up a little trash everyday, we’d be in a lot better shape. A couple of trash pickups a year isn’t enough. We have to work on it as a community all year long.
Maybe when we have people who have to do community service, they could do trash pickups and cut down weeds.
We need to set good examples for our children and put trash where it belongs!
We should take pride in our community instead of trashing it! If you see someone littering, ask them to pick it up or show them where it goes. They may not know.

Kathi McClelland