New area code in effect Sunday

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

With growth comes thousands of people who want phones and their own phone number.
Trouble is New Mexico began running out of phone numbers.
So the New Mexico Public Relation Commission decided in December 2006 that a new area code would be implemented.
The new area code goes into effect Sunday.
Residents in Tucumcari and Quay County now have the 575 area code as part of their phone number.
Quay�s surrounding counties have also been given the new area code.
Some people are aware of the change and others aren�t, Stephanie Shipley, co-owner of Shipley Systems LCC Radio Shack, said.
�Some customers are ordering half of their stationery or business cards with the old area code and the other half with the new area code,� Shipley said.
At the Quay County Clerk�s office, old stationery will be used up before ordering any with the new area code, Veronica Marez, deputy clerk, said.
Whenever papers are mailed in to be filed, the Clerk�s office will mail back a notice of the area code change, Marez said.
The changeover is being implemented over a 27-month period, according to a commission fact sheet. The more than two-year period to change to the area code was in response to public comments about the expense of changing area codes.
�The longer than permissive dialing period will give customers in the 575 area the flexibility to begin using the new 575 sooner, or continue using the 505 until more of their stationery and advertising products are expended,� said Jason Marks, vice chairman of the commission, in the statement
Your telephone provider is required to provide information about the changeover and how to implement it. For example, one provider has said it will change the numbers in your cell phone if you visit one of their retail stores.
Sunday: The 575 area code becomes active. During the upcoming 12 months, permissive dialing period also active. Callers can use the old 505 area code or the new 575 area code when calling locations in New Mexico.
Oct. 5, 2008 � Recorded announcement and mandatory dialing period: All calls into areas of the the new area code must be dialed using 575.
Jan. 11, 2009 � Full implementation: After this date, telephone companies will be able to assign the same seven-digit telephone numbers in both New Mexico area codes. Therefore, callers who use the wrong area code may be connected to an untended party. If the mis-dialed call is not connected to another line, the caller will hear a generic recorded message advising that �the call could not be completed as dialed.�
911 WILL NOT be affected. Emergency calls will be handled as they are today.
411 service WILL NOT be affected. Directory assistance calls will be handled as they are today. And, there is no change in the cost of a directory assistance call.
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