Yard and Garden: Roses for fall planting

By Tom Dominguez

Fall is the best time to plant trees, shrubs, many perennials, vines and roses. Recent rain and cooler temps make an ideal environment for planting.

A great opportunity to see what you should be planting is to just drive around town. Look for those roses and shrubs that are very healthy, provide a bouquet of flowers, green foliage and overall manageable size. Seek out those roses that are labeled by the National EarthKind Rose Research project. These rose cultivars have been tested and grown in the most adverse conditions and only those resistant to disease and insect are highly recommended. Check out this website for selected varieties: http://earthkindroses.tamu.edu/
If you have been reading my column, you will know that I am a promoter of selecting the right plant for the right area. Take into consideration annual rainfall, temperatures, especially first and last frost dates.

This doesn’t mean our selection is restricted to cactus. There are an abundance of plants, trees, and shrubs that provide beautiful green foliage, pretty flowers, and a lot of character. A website I like to use, with pictures, names and information is Mountain States Wholesale Nursery, located in Arizona. You will not be able to purchase from them but rather buy through your selected nursery. They are a wholesale distributor. The website is packed with information. Mountain States Nursery

Roses are a favorite of mine. Many times I can drive down streets or alleys and see an abandoned house with a very attractive rose bush or climber loaded with blooms covering the front step, window or whatever it can reach. These roses have adapted well to the area and should be sought out for planting in your landscape. Roses will bloom when temperatures cool off in the evenings, preferably fall and early spring. They are best placed where they can receive full sun and take some care only when first planted. Once established they will stand little and only occasional attention. A good rose website is the American Rose Society that lists an abundance of roses, their history, areas best suited and places to purchase such cultivars. Enjoy the American Rose Society at http://www.ars.org/

Tom Dominguez is an agent with the Quay County Extension, NMSU Extension Service. He can be reached by emailing tdomingu@nmsu.edu or calling 461-0562.