Polling sites may be consolidated?

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Some polling locations in Tucumcari are expected to be consolidated if the state gives its approval.

Quay County Clerk Ellen White requested the consolidation because some locations have fewer than 100 voters at elections and the consolidation will save the county about $4,000 annually, she said.

The County Commission on Monday approved the county’s request to the Secretary of State.

“It would save about $8,000 every two years,” she said.

“For (the) last general election, it cost about $13,606 … and with the consolidated polling locations, it would cost $9,441,” she said.
Initial savings would be about $6,000 a year because mailings to notify voters of changes and the printing of new cards would cost about $2,220, White said.

“However, long term savings will far exceed the $8,000 because there will be fewer voting machines to maintain,” White said.
An answer from the Secretary of State’s office is expected by the end of October, she said.

The consolidation should also cut down on confusion for voters who have multiple voting sites for city commission, school board and statewide primary and general elections, White said.

Every election, there are numerous phone calls because voters are not sure where they are to report to cast their vote, White said.
If the measure is approved, voters will be notified with maps, notices and a change in voting cards, White said.