Apodaca elected city’s new mayor

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Antonio Apodaca was elected mayor at Thursday night�s City Commission meeting.
Apodaca, who served as mayor pro-tem, was elected unanimously by the city�s other commissioners, Jim Lafferty, Robert Lumpkin, Christopher Maestas and Jim Witcher.
Lumpkin, who was sworn moments before as a new city commissioner, cast his first vote for mayor and then for mayor pro-tem.
Witcher was elected unanimously to serve as new mayor pro-tem.
Lumpkin took the place of Mayor Mary Mayfield who resigned in September for health reasons.
Sitting again as a full commission, one of the first items approved was a Unified Development Code. The new code provides for a preliminary site plan review.
Additional standards are expected to be added in the future, said Paul Huckabee, senior planner for Consensus Planning of Albuquerque, which was hired to help the city with its new codes.
In other matters the commission:
l Agreed to enter into an engineering agreement with Wilson & Company, Engineers & Architects for its project management services on the renovation of the rail depot in Tucumcari.
l Approved a request by Daniel Lopez, law enforcement consultant, to revise the Police Department policy and procedures manual.
Apodaca said the commission shouldn�t give its authority to make policy and all changes would need to come before the commission for its approval.
Changes in the manual will not come to the city on a quarterly basis.
The commissioners also unveiled a list of goals, one-year and long-term. They were developed at a work session about two weeks ago.
City manager John Sutherland said they will serve as a litmus for future decisions on city activities.
Commissioner Lafferty said the list should be used as a set of tools.
�When it comesto election time, I intend to use them to make my points. … and I suspect the voters should use it. … and if we fail to do so, I hope the city of the Tucumcari holds us to it,� Lafferty said.
1. Make the City of Tucumcari a desirable place to work by improving employee morale, compensation and administration of personnel policies and procedures.
2. Make the City of Tucumcari a desirable place to live by improving critical infrastructure:
Police, Fire, Streets, Water, and Wastewater.
3. Achieve superior customer satisfaction for all
city operations and especially for the critical infrastructure operations of: Police, Streets, Water, Fire Prevention/Protection, and Wastewater.
4. Earn public recognition for effective, efficient and transparent government operations through an open, easily understandable budget process, clear, timely and accurate financial reporting and by delivering maximum benefits to our citizens while minimizing the cost.
5. Maximize citizen participation in City government
through open, neighborhood meetings, opinion and attitude sampling, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.