Teen suspected of calling in threats

By QCS Staff

A 16-year-old boy is suspected of making a bomb threat and making harassing/threatening phone calls to the Tucumcari Middle School on Sept. 25, said the Tucumcari Police Department in a press release on Friday.

“After securing a search warrant for phone records, police personnel were able to determine that the phone calls came from a local cell phone. The registered owner of the phone used to commit the crimes indicated that her grandson was the primary user and custodian of the phone,” the release said.

Making a bomb scare is a fourth-degree felony, and making harassing/threatening phone calls is a misdemeanor, the release said.
Local police said that statements and police reports have been turned over to the local Juvenile Probation Office for follow-up, according to the release.

Because the suspect in the case has not been formally arrested and is a juvenile, he will not be identified at this time, the release said.