10-24-2007: Tuck’s Turf

Just a few important things coming up in the near future.

Thanksgiving Turkey Scramble
Nov. 18 12:30 p.m. shotgun entry fee $20 per player, 4-Person Scramble. Teams will be selected by a blind draw by the committee. Deadline to sign up is noon Nov. 17. Sign up today for a lot of great turkeys certificates and great prizes.

Golf course updates
Great thing happened at the City Commission Meeting on Thursday. The commissioners overwhelming voted to implement a Golf Course Advisory Committee. Like the other committees the city has formed, this committee will look at the concerns, needs of the course as well as the citizens concerns.
For example, I have been working with several irrigation, equipment and turf companies to solve most of our problems. The best of our knowledge our Toro Hydraulic Irrigation System & Control System that we have now is over 47 years old. Replacement parts and quick fixes are not available. Joe, Steve and I, no matter if we have five players a day or 500 a day, we strive to give the best with the means we have.

Results of the American Legion Riders Benefit Scramble
1st Team -7 Robert Rubio-TJ Trevino-Al Rubio, M. Milton
Tie-7 Viki Frost, Charlie Bowen, Fred Barnet, John Frost
3rd -6 Bob Coslett-Dennis Cooper-Bill Steig-Bob Lawrence
Also, thanks to the special sponsors for supporting the Legion Riders.

Pointer of week
My first move down! I can’t stress enough the importance of having a trigger to start the downswing. A trigger provides a consistent way to ignite the sequence of movements and unlock the power stored in your right side. Mine is a little lateral bump of the hips to the left. From there, my only goal is to return the club to the back of the ball along the same plane I established at address. And thanks to Tiger Woods for assisting with this tip.

Howie Tucker is a PGA professional at the Tucumcari Municipal Golf Course.