Spay and neuter clinic gets rave reviews

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Thirty Tucumcari cats and dogs lost, er, their sex appeal on Oct. 17.

They were brought in by their owners to the free spay/neuter clinic, a one-day program to help petowners prevent their dogs and cats from having unwanted kittens and puppies.

“Our dog population is getting way too large,” said Kimberly Carl, who brought in Baron, her two-year-old, 61-pound Husky-German Shepherd mix.

“He’s doing really great,” said Carl, a day after the surgery.

However, “I don’t know how he’ll feel in a month,” Carl said.

Baron’s surgery took about 41/2 hours with most of the time devoted to the recovery process to make sure that pets had no adverse effects from the anesthesia, Carl said.

“It was a great success,” organizer Robert Ciolli said. “We had to turn away people.”

There were more applicants than could be handled in a day at the clinic and there were an additional dozen phone inquiries, he said.
The mobile spay/neuter clinic was set up at the Del Norte community center.

Based on the response, there will be another clinic in the spring. Currently, the one-day clinic is a sure thing, but it’s hoped it will be expanded to two days, Ciolli said.

An anonymous donor made the visit to Tucumcari possible through the cooperation of Animal Protection New Mexico (APNM) and the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society, which has a mobile animal clinic, Ciolli said.

“They were really nice and really considerate,” Carl said.

“They need to do it every six months … because it’s way expensive to get a pet spayed or neutered,” Carl said.

Carl also said there is a need for education about the adoption of pets, how to match pets which prospective owner’s lifestyles and the appropriate care of pets.