Homecoming made special by memories

By Lnn Moncus

Homecoming at NMSU was very special this year for the woman from lma. Seeing so many people from a major chapter in my life was overwhelming, providing an emotional high that will last indefinitely.

Thanks to my young Aggie friend, Debbie Widger, I attended several events that I would otherwise have skipped because I am usually less than a social person. Not only did she drive me from place to place, but she also saw that I had a chance to visit with many old friends whom I hadn’t seen in more years than we cared to count. From past presidents and vice-presidents to former deans, professors, classmates, and students, she saw that I met most people I knew at each event. Being escorted by someone who knew my friends from the past certainly made each meeting and greeting an outstanding experience.

Because I have been away from the academic life for so long, I had begun to think I might have wasted a lot of years as a student and a professor. Well, that little pity trip was dispelled immediately when people from that distant past called me by name and recalled all too many experiences we had together. I was amazed to be recognized but more pleased than I can begin to say. To be greeted so warmly by so many wonderful people was a most humbling experience, one that I will never forget.

Although our little campus is no more, we can still find some of our old haunts and can revive many memories by walking in the area of the Horseshoe. At times, I was that young freshman who was scared silly as she approached a new experience. At other times, I was that professor who was wandering around looking for young freshmen who were as unnerved. When I entered the English Building, I was a bit depressed at first because the long hall seemed so dark without any open doors, but as I approached the main office and was greeted most graciously by the young department head, Dr. Harriet Linkin, I felt slightly more at home. She was a mere beginner when I retired and explained that she had been terrified of me because she had to pass the open door to my off ice every time she went down the hall and knew I would probably do her some bodily harm. Of course, I had no idea that I had such an effect on her, else I would probably have made the most of it and made her life totally miserable. She is now aware that such fear was unfounded and has done so very well in leading that department.

As always, many people from Quay County attended the gatherings, and we had numerous visits about home and about our years on campus. Just seeing them made me stand a little taller because we have all come a distance from our roots but have remained very close to those roots as we remember our past.

Being recognized by former students was, of course, the high light of each event.

Although I might not have recognized them when they first approached, I soon was able to recall specific things about them and could let them know they were not forgotten. As each one talked, I could see him or her as the young person in class and could also see what an outstanding person each has become.

The privilege of seeing so many friends of the past and of attending my 52nd homecoming is really indescribable, but this Aggie is quite proud of her academic background and of her years on campus. Homecoming really was a home coming!