Renewable energy aficionados connect at MCC

Mesalands Community College was visited by a electric hybrid car that can get up to 100 miles per gallon.
A representative of Electric Auto Association’s East Chapter, Jerry Asher, was at Mesalands to promote the Toyota Prius, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Asher spoke with students in the automotive and diesel courses about the technology used in the PHEV.
Asher contacted Mesalands Community College’s public relations director, John Yearout, who is a new member of the EEA.
“Jerry contacted me and informed me that he was going to be in the area,” Yearout said. “It is very considerate of him to stop in and speak with the students and staff about the PHEV. The technology used by the car matches well with the College’s pursuit and exploration of alternative energy.”
The PHEV 76 is different from other hybrid vehicles. A PHEV can be filled up at the gas station, and plugged into any 120-volt outlet at an equivalent cost of under $1 per gallon, according to the Web site. The PHEV 76 was converted to a plug-in hybrid by the PHEV volunteer engineers organized by CalCars and the EAA.
“I am traveling across the country to promote the PHEV,” Asher said. “I came to Tucumcari to see about the possibility of starting a EAA chapter here. I was very impressed to learn of the college’s plans to start a wind research institute. There is a symbiotic bond between renewable energies.”