Work stopped on Sands-Dorsey building

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Work on the Sands-Dorsey building has been halted and a citation is to be delivered to the building’s owner, said city officials on Friday.
Concerns about construction at the burned out building to make it safe were discussed at Thursday night’s City Commission meeting.
And on Friday, Daniel Lopez, consultant to the Tucumcari Police Department, said a criminal summons or non-traffic citation, similar to a parking ticket, was to be hand-delivered to Robert Hengstenberg, owner of the Sands-Dorsey.

At Thursday’s meeting, Ruth Nelson, owner of the Pajarito Interiors which is adjacent to the Sands-Dorsey, said that supporting rods on the building’s south wall had been placed in the alley and were obstructing passage for businesses in the block.
She also said they were anchored in the alley near electrical and gas lines.

The Sands-Dorsey burned in a fire on June 8 and most its roof and sections of some its walls were damaged in the fire.
City manager John Sutherland said that all construction on the building had been halted by a state agency. Flyers on the building from the state’s Construction Division of the Regulation and Licensing Department state that there is a “Notice To Stop Work” because there is “no permit, no contractor” and “no approved plans.”

City commissioners said that they were also concerned because there was evidence of water usage at the building.