Q&A: With Rattlers hard hitting defensive tackle

By Thomas Garcia Quay County Sun

Defense. That is what the Rattlers will need to stop Santa Rosa’s explosive rushing offense on Friday night. One of the hard hitters on the Rattlers line is defensive tackle senior Joseph Quintana. Here’s how Quintana looks at the defensive tackle’s job.

Question: Did you start out playing on defense?
Answer: Yes, I have always liked to tackle the quarterback.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of being a defensive player?
A: Having the chance to hit the offensive players.

Q: What are your thoughts before the snap?
A: Watching for the adjustments made by the offense and trying to stop the play.

Q: What is it like to make the big tackle or sack?
A: For me it is a great boost of energy.

Q: Of all the tackles, sacks and hits you’ve made , does any one stand out ?
A: Last week when I leveled the Loving quarterback.

Q: Has there ever been a quarterback/running back that you would like to get?
A: Jesus Roybal (running back) of the Santa Rosa Lions.

Q: Do you model your play after any certain defensive player?
A: I’d have to say Warren Sapp (defensive tackle for Oakland Raiders). He plays with intensity and a lot of heart.

Q: Who has been the greatest inspiration to you?
A: My parents. They have always been there for me.

Q: How do you stay healthy and deal with injuries?
A: You know you’re going to make a hit or take a hit. So sometimes you have to fight through the pain but if you are really hurt you should seek help.

Q: What advice would you give to future defensive players?
A: Go out an play with heart and have fun.