Ministry of Hope facing shortage of money, food

By Chelle Delaney

The cupboard at the Ministry of Hope is almost bare, said Mary Ann Garrett, a Southern Baptists’ outreach ministries consultant.

In fact, “because of this shortage, we will not be giving Thanksgiving baskets as we have done in the past. However, we are planning a ‘Holiday Feast’ in early December for the clients who have registered at the Ministry of Hope office,” Garrett said.

“In past years, the ministry has received financial aid from outside our area. Because of disasters elsewhere, the ministry has not received that aid this year but our local need is greater than ever,” Garrett said.

The ministry will continue to give food as it is available. But the ministry must depend on the aid of the community to replenish and build up its food supplies, Garrett said.

So, the ministry is asking the community to bring non-perishable items to the ministry or for your church or organization to conduct a food drive to replenish its shelves, Garrett said.

“We are asking the community to make this a priority during the next two or three months, and especially during the holiday season.”

The ministry serves those in need in the community, the homeless and travelers as they come through Tucumcari.

In addition to about 600 people in the community, it serves more than 100 travelers monthly, Garrett said.

One recent Tuesday, the ministry served 109 locals and 11 transients, she said.

“Without the community’s help, we could not accomplish our goal of helping the needy all year round, but particularly during the holidays and winter months,” Garrett said.

To attend the holiday feast on Dec. 6, clients of Ministry of Hope must make reservations with the ministry at 461-6299.

Donations of food staples, including canned goods, can be taken to the Ministry of Hope at 1824 S. First St. between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Or call 461-6299 to make arrangements for a delivery.