Rattler runners claim second place, earn All District honors

By QCS Staff

For the first tine in 16 years, the Tucumcari High School Girls Cross Country team are District 6-2A Runners up.

“It’s really a great achievement. The program was done away for three years, it’s only been back for two. They really worked hard all year long,” said Gary Hittson, coach of the Girls and Boys Cross Country teams.

“This year we had 13 girls out, and last year there only five on the team,” Hittson said.

Last year’s team members spread the word and got more girls interested in the team, he said.

“We’re really young. We will only lose one senior on the team next year. Everybody I’ve talked to said they are coming back. So, we have a chance at winning the district title next year,” Hittson said.

Also, four of the 10 All District honors were taken by members of the Girls Cross Country team, Hittson said. They are Caitlyn Romero, Lorri Harman, Kennetha Perkins and Holly Binkley.

The Rattlers Girls team competed Nov. 10 at the State Cross Country meet in Rio Rancho. The team finished as a team in 10th place out of a field of 16 teams with an average time of 23:40.03 and a team time of 1:58:20.15.

From a field of 110 cross country runners, here are individual team member results:

Caitlyn Romero finished in 35th place with a time of 22:32.80
Kennetha Perkins in 43rd place with a time of 22:59.00
Lorri Harman in 53rd place with a time of 23:52.75
Lauren Chacon in 59th place with a time of 24:25.20
Holly Binkley in 60th place with a time of 24:30.40
Lizzie Smith in 70th place with a time of 25:44.65
Kirsten Dunlap in 84th place with a time of 28:31.60.

In the boys state cross country competition, there was a field of 127 runners. Senior Kenton Perkins finished in individual competition in 59th place with a time of 19:25.85 and senior Austin Sellers finished in 76th place with a time of 23:03.20.