Four new officers sworn in to serve on police force

By Thomas Garcia Quay County Sun

Four new city police officers capped off their first three weeks of training and were sworn in by Municipal Court Judge Joe I. Dominguez on Tuesday.

Family, friends and fellow officers watched as Robert Vargas, Carlos Gallegos, Christopher Valdez and Lorenzo Emillio recited and signed the Oath of Office to serve in the Tucumcari Police Department.

“We are all very proud of Carlos,” said Jolene Gallegos, wife of officer Carlos Gallegos. “He has been waiting to become an officer for a long time. His two sons, Daniel and Jonathan, (who were in school) can’t wait to see him in uniform.”

City police consultant Daniel Lopez said, “These young men are making a great personal sacrifice for their community.”

The men have completed qualification and manipulation of firearms, legal update and use-of-force training. Next each will ride with a veteran officer.

“They still have 10 weeks of FTO (Field Training Officer) training before they are set out on their own. They will also be attending a 22-week academy within the year to be certified and complete their training,” Lopez said. Plans call for the officers to be on their own by Jan 31, Lopez said.

Meet the new officers:

Lorenzo Emillio, 36
Hometown: Tucumcari
Reason for joining:
Being a member of the Tucumcari Police Department means serving and protecting in the most meaningful way. I will have the chance to serve with qualified and sincere officers for the good of the public. Tucumcari is a great city with great people.

Robert Vargas, 25
Hometown: Tucumcari
Reason for joining:
I joined to help make a difference in the town I grew up in and to provide better life for my family.

Carlos Gallegos, 29
Hometown: Villanueva
Reason for joining:
I have always felt an obligation to help out.
And I feel this the best place I can do some good for the community.

Christopher Valdez, 32
Hometown: Tucumcari
Reason for joining:
I have always been interested in law enforcement.
In the last few years, it was about having a job that paid well, but I was given the opportunity and realized that it’s not about the money but the satisfaction of the job.