Quay County tax base increases by almost $15 million

by Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Quay County expects to receive its Christmas present from taxpayers in early December.

Tax payments are due Dec. 10 to the Quay County Treasurer’s office.

And the good news for schools and municipalities is that the taxable value has risen compared to 2006.

Property tax receipts in Quay County have increased nearly $500,000 to $3,662,498 for 2007, said Janie Murray, Quay County tax assessor.

Tax receipts for 2006 were $3,123,235.

And even though revenues are up, it’s not exactly a windfall for the coffers of local government.

“The taxable value is going up, but the overall rate went down. We’re not getting a big windfall,” said Richard Primrose, Quay County manager.

“But every little bit helps,” he said.

The good news is that the value is going up. “That shows that people are investing in Tucumcari.”

There’s also additional income expected from the gross tax receipts generated by new construction, Primrose said.

The increase in 2007 property tax receipts comes from a jump of almost $15.6 million in taxable real and personal property totaling $137,108,119 in 2007 compared to $121,516,689 in 2006, Murray said.

A large portion of the increase is attributable to Phase II of the Ute Lake Ranch development moving onto the tax rolls as residential development property from agricultural property, Murray said.

Other contributing factors include assessing properties that sold in 2006 at their market value, and new residential and commercial construction, including new mobile homes, that went on the tax rolls, Murray said.

Athough taxing bodies will see more income, taxpayers are seeing a slight drop in the tax rate.

For example, the state’s debt service portion in 2007 on a $50,000 home has dropped to $20.34 from $21.56, a savings of $1.117.
The state taxes for 2007 are $1.221 per $1,000 compared to $1.291 per $1,000 in 2006.

Tax revenue from property tazes is based on taxing one third of the full value.

Half of a taxpayer’s 2007 tax bill from the county is to be paid before or on Dec. 10.
The remainder is due by May 10.

Taxpayers who do not pay their taxes on the due date are charged a 1 percent penalty and 1 percent interest on the base tax, said Nadine Angel, Quay County Treasurer.

The penalty and interest are charged on the 10th of the each month that taxes are deliquent, Angel said.

It’s better to get that first half paid, or to pay as much as one can, if the full amount due on Dec. 10 can’

County General $5.274
County Hospital 1.500
Vocational (Mesalands) 1.850
Tucumcari Municipal 4.374
State Debt Service 1.221
Tucumcari School 0.310
Tucumcari School 7.159
Tucumcari School 2.000
Arch Hurley Conservancy
District 5.53

Source: Quay County Tax Assessor