Can-do: Community responds in thousands

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

The Ministry of Hope may be serving up some birds for Christmas.
�The way it looks now, if everything comes through, we�ll be able to do turkeys for Christmas,� said Louise Mitchell, director of the ministry.
Recently, when food stocks in their cupboard and its funds got low, Ministry of Hope found that it could not give needy families turkeys for Thanksgiving.
But after an appeal went out to the community, the ministry is seeing its mainstay of canned goods, food staples and other food supplies rise.
�We�ve been blessed,� Mitchell said.
�Since last week, we�ve had 4,200 cans of food donated,� said Gail Morris, volunteer coordinator.
There have also been donations of money and other supplies to assist the ministry.
Eastern New Mexico Art Space came through with a new freezer and used refrigerator, Mitchell said.
Tucumcari Middle School coordinated a drive and brought in 1,150 cans of food, Morris said. And then San Jon Schools donated 2,400 cans.
�Everyone has been really responsive,� Mitchell said. �There have been donations of clothing, food and money. Some have designated that their money go to help transients, others have said it should be used for food and some have said use it where you see the most need.�
To operate its building and pay rent, the ministry needs about $10,000 annually, Mitchell said.
Food and money donated to the ministry is used for monthly distributions to people in need and others who seek out the ministry�s help when they are in a crisis situation.
The ministry also assists travelers who are down on their luck.
In addition to about 600 people in the community, it serves more than 100 travelers monthly.