Early birds find deep discounts

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Looking for some good deals for Christmas, shoppers showed up Friday at some retailers before 6 a.m.

Sisters Rhonda Cioner and Amy Giordano said they were at Kmart before the doors opened.

“I found some DVDs and there were a lot of clothes,” said Giordano, from Rio Rancho, who was in Tucumcari visiting her mother, Glenna Allenberg.

“It’s too crowded in Rio Rancho. I wouldn’t have gone out this morning. The crowds are horrible,” she said.

Another shopper, Melisa Pacheco of Tucumcari, said, “I’m shopping today for the sales and getting my Christmas shopping done early. I think it is better to shop here in town then spending gas money to go out of town.”

Store owners and manager said business was brisk.

Pin and jump drives, cell phones and memory cards were popular sales items, said Eddie Shipley of Shipley Systems RadioShack.
Shipley said almost a dozen shoppers were waiting at his door at 6 a.m.

In fact, Cioner bought the last of one model of a pocket-sized Global Positioning System device from RadioShack.
At ALCO many of their sale items sold out in the first few hours and sales indicated a better turnout compared to last year’s numbers, a store official said.

“We had a lot more customers this year,” said group manager Michael Arellano. “Many of our electronic sale items were sold out in the morning.”

The sales brought out Warren Jahn of Logan although he didn’t attempt any early openings.

“I wasn’t going to get out on the roads.”

Jahn said he did find some good sales and he purchased a a miter saw from ALCO.

“It’s my Christmas present,” he said. “If I didn’t get it, I didn’t think anyone else would have bought it for me.”

Thomas Garcia contributed to this report