Thanksgiving’s done, but giving should continue

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Yes, Thanksgiving Day is for giving thanks, and charities sometimes focus on the image of that day, and all the food we eat, to remind us that not everyone is as fortunate as we are and ask us to give to help others, as well as giving thanks for what we have. 

But the need is not focused on a day. The needy aren’t only short of food on Thursday, Nov. 22, 2007; they’re missing out on Friday, Saturday, and the other days of the week.

That’s why Tucumcari’s response to the needs of the Ministry of Hope is so heartwarming. Schools, churches, and others held events to make canned food available to the Ministry of Hope — and those it serves. 

But there are other means of helping, such as collecting aluminum cans that would otherwise be thrown away. They can be a source of money and many others.

There are also many ways to give. Volunteers are frequently needed. And, perhaps you have special skills that can be put to use. Or perhaps provide a service, transportation in your car, for example. 

Being alert to the needs of other people is the beginning of giving, of getting in the mood to give whenever you see the need.  
But while we look forward to giving any time in the year, Thanksgiving Day is a thankful reminder that giving is a good thing. 

Some of that giving was a part of Thanksgiving Day; families gathered and brought in friends. People didn’t want anybody to be left out of Thanksgiving Day. So they invited in people they hardly knew, people who would have otherwise spent Thanksgiving Day alone. 
And that’s an idea which deserves to be preserved throughout the year. 

People need food, of course, but people need people, too. So let’s try to practice togetherness. Giving of ourselves is a good way of giving. 

And that’s what we do when we get together in churches, in schools, in other groups. Getting together is a great way of getting things done for the benefit of all. 

That’s what’s been happening since we learned that the Ministry of Hope was in need. 

We got together to do good things. 

And that gives us a good reason to be thankful that the community of Tucumcari and the people of Quay County didn’t let giving end on Thanksgiving Day.

Chelle Delaney is associate publisher of the Quay County Sun. She can be reached by calling 461-1952 or by emailing: