Neglected properties in city get clean up

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Moms may have said it best: “Clean up, company’s coming.”
In some ways, that’s how city manager John Sutherland said he is looking at business properties and their curb appeal in Tucumcari.

A visible example on Monday and Tuesday was the boarding up of windows at a former fast food restaurant at First Street and Route 66.
City carpenter Chris Gries and helper Ernie Chavez were out measuring and nailing up plywood to protect the building�s windows.
One side of the building�s windows had been broken out by vandals, which the plywood covered and protected.
“It’s a good thing. It makes the city look better,” Gries said. �We should be taking pride in our town.�
The city is focusing on retail areas along First Street, Route 66, downtown and the Main Street project area, he said.
If there is no response after notices from the city, �the city will clean them up and be sending out a bill,� Sutherland said.
The property owners could be out some money, but �we could own the property,� Sutherland said.
After due process, the city has taken ownership when property owners have not satisfied debts.
The city does, in fact, own 18 properties which it plans to auction in the future.
The focus on the business and retail districts came after discussions with city business leaders and the Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Corp., Sutherland said.
And a group of civic leaders are working on a plan to recognize those business and property owners who take the extra step to keep up their properties, Sutherland said.
The city is working on its curb appeal to be attractive to its residents and visitors, Sutherland said.
�We have to take pride in our community,� Sutherland said.