Chef cooks up turkeys for Ministry of Hope holiday feast

By Thomas Garcia Quay County Sun

A Tucumcari chef helpd to give about 100 people that warm holiday feeling.
The Ministry of Hope held a Holiday Feast for those in need on Thursday at the Trinity First Baptist Church.
And the turkeys and fixings for the traditional holiday meal were donated and cooked by chef Michael Arrowsmith.
Arrowsmith prepared seven turkeys, four trays of stuffing and gravy for the meal.
He is the restaurant manager and head chef of the Branding Iron Restaurant at the Quality Inn on Route 66. He was contacted by the Ministry of Hope�s consultant Mary Ann Garrett about cooking the holiday meal. Once Arrowsmith heard about the meal he immediately agreed to do it and and to provide it as a gift.
“There are people in this area that are in need and this is such a great cause,” Arrowsmith said. “I worked with the Ministry of Hope in providing the best meal for them.”
The Ministry of Hope was originally going to pay $150 for the holiday meal and preparation but Arrowsmith would not hear of that and had the cost of the meal deducted from his paycheck, Garrett said.
“I wanted to charge them as little as possible for the meal,” said Arrowsmith. “This is a great thing the Ministry of hope is doing and when I could not get the price any lower I decided to pay for it myself.”
Arrowsmith began cooking on Wednesday and finished on Thursday morning when he brought the meal from the restaurant to the church.
“They did not have the facility to cook here at the Ministry of Hope so I prepared the meal at the restaurant and transported it over.”
“Michael has done an excellent job in preparing and providing this wonderful meal,” said David McAfee, pastor of the Trinity First Baptist Church.
Garrett said about 100 people, including servers, enjoyed the meal.
Leftovers were packaged up and delivered to senior citizens who cannot leave their homes, Garrett said.