Getting Santa’s attention …

Letters to Santa can take all shapes and forms. Nowadays, they can be emailed, sent in a text message or snail mailed. But when you�re two or three years old, it�s good to have mom or dad help with your letter to Santa.
That�s what parents did for their children who attend the Early Head Start program in Tucumcari.
Here�s what the toddlers told Santa:
Paul Anthony Urquizu, 2: I�ve been a very good boy this year. And I�ve been a wonderful big brother to my sister, Elizabeth. Under the tree, I�d like a Thomas train set and a couple of puzzles I can take apart.
Taylor Rick, 2: I�ve been a super good boy and would like some toys from the Disney movie, �Cars.�
Andres Jimenez, 3: I�ve been a good boy. I want toys and fruit for Christmas. A Handy Manny toy. I want Santa to bring my dad a new baseball bat. I want Santa to bring my brother strawberries and apples and Spiderman.
Jaylen Baldwin, 2: I want lots of toys and candy for Christmas.
John A. Chavez, 3: I would like a bike. I would also like a party with balloons, party hats and ice cream and a few more games.
Isaiah Kemp, 2: I would like some new toys and a new car to ride in.