Our gifts are in plain sight

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Christmas is coming and we’ll all be singing … 

We will, you know. We’ll be singing in church – and we’ll be singing out of church. Christmas carols .. pop Christmas songs. 

Because Christmas isn’t just a religious holiday; it’s green trees and colored lights, shopping for gifts and shopping for what-ifs. 
Think of our Christmas carols and you’ll hardly greet someone with: “Happy Holiday!” No, you’ll be bound to say, “Merry Christmas!”

There are songs to go with every part of Christmas.  And when you read the words to Christmas songs you might start singing to yourself.

Like: Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright.

Or, It came upon a midnight clear, that glorious song of old, from angels bending, near the earth, to touch  their harps of gold … 
So, singing at Christmas has been a tradition for centuries. It’s been,  like stained-glass windows, a part of the warmth that churches bring us.

Or consider the gifts of nature that cowboys seem to appreciate.

 What about Christmas and Cowboys? They sort of go together.

Matter of fact, there’s a song about Christmas For Cowboys. You might have heard it sung by the late John Denver.
Here are the lyrics, that are credited to S. Weisberg: 

All of the good gifts given today, ours is the sky and the wide open range.

Back in the cities they have different ways, football and eggnog and Christmas parades.

I’ll take my saddle, I’ll take the reins, It’s Christmas for cowboys wide-open plains.

A campfire for warmth as we stop for the night, the stars overhead are Christmas tree lights.

The wind sings a hymn as we bow down to pray, It’s Christmas for cowboys, wide-open plains.

Tall in the saddle we spend Christmas Day, driving the cattle over snow-covered plains.

All of the good gifts given today, ours is the sky and the wide open range.

It’s Christmas for cowboys, wide open plains.

Merry Christmas!

Chelle Delaney is associate publisher of the Quay County Sun. She can be reached by calling 461-1952 or by emailing: chelle_delaney@link.freedom.com