K-9 helps sniff cache of marijuana

By Thomas Garcia Quay County Sun

With the help of a police dog, local police were able to seize 342 pounds of marijuana, police officials said.

The dog sniffed out marijuana that was hidden in a pontoon boat, said Tucumcari Police consultant Daniel Lopez.

The marijuana was found last month during a routine traffic stop for a broken tail light on Mountain Road, Lopez said.

At 2 a.m. on Nov. 28 Tucumcari Police officer Dennis Garcia stopped a pickup truck, with Texas plates, pulling a pontoon boat for a faulty equipment violation, Lopez said.

The driver of the vehicle was issued a verbal warning but Garcia also sought and received consent to have his K-9, Bond, check out the truck and boat and trailer, Lopez said.

The vehicle’s occupants, the driver and a passenger, and the pickup and boat and trailer were detained after the K-9 made a positive hit on the boat. A search warrant was then obtained and officers discovered several hundred packages of marijuana hidden in the boat and in the boat’s pontoons, Lopez said.

Authorities then used the boat and contents to see if they could make additional arrests. In conjunction with the New Mexico Region 5 Narcotics Task Force and law enforcement agencies in Texas, a controlled delivery was made and the primary buyer was arrested by Texas authorities, Lopez said.

The identity of the pickup’s driver and passenger and the buyer could not be released because of the ongoing investigation, Lopez said.

The location in Texas, where the controlled delivery was made also could not be released due to the ongoing investigation, Lopez said.

Additional search warrants have been issued in Texas as a result of our seizure and additional arrests are pending, Lopez said