Burleson trial venue changes

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

The trial of James Burleson, a Socorro fight promoter accused of slaying Jason Pacheco, will be heard in Fort Sumner in De Baca County, said Quay County prosecutor Kirk Chavez.

“It’s been a high profile case. I think the Pacecho family and the victim are well-known in Tucumcari. And it just seemed more fair to take it out of Tucumcari,” Chavez said.

Pacheco was shot Feb. 1 on Main Street near the VFW Post.

The Quay County District Attorney’s office has advanced two theories regarding Burleson’s involvement in the death of Pacheco, according to the court documents. Evidence and court proceedings will determine which theory – if applicable – might lead to a conviction, records show.

The first is that the death of Pacheco was murder in the second degree and that Burleson did unlawfully kill Pacheco without justification or excuse. If convicted of this charge, Burleson could face 19 years in jail.

The second is that Burleson unlawfully killed Pacheco without malice “which was committed upon a sudden quarrel.” If convicted of this charge, Burleson’s maximum sentence could be 15 years.

A trial date is expected in July or August, Chavez said.