City reviews future of landfills

By Chelle Delaney

By Chelle Delaney
Quay County Sun
The city’s plans to close its old landfill have been rejected by the state, and its plans to build the first cell for waste at the new landfill are at a standstill.
In addition, it looks like costs to operate the new landfill could mean that fees for a ton of garbage may have to be doubled, said engineering consultants from Gordon Environmental, Inc. of Bernalillo. It is now $26 per ton.
Another possibility is for the city to operate a transfer site and to pay to have its garbage taken elsewhere, said Keith Gordon of Gordon Environmental.
The firm was recently brought in to look at the projects for the city. Gordon said it was too early to estimate costs on either project.
Tucumcari officials and city commissioners learned about the landfills at a Friday night work session that covered wastewater improvement, roads and other projects.
The city has an Aug. 2 state deadline to submit a plan for closing its old landfill between Highway 104 and Quay Road 65 on Landfill Road. The new landfill is off of Highway 54 about two miles northeast of Tucumcari.
Gordon Environmental is conducting a scope of work for the city on the landfills.
It is hoped that the new landfill can be redesigned to accommodate more garbage at the same projected costs, Gordon said.
Gordon also discussed the city’s need to have a closure plan and a 30-year, post-closure plan for the old landfill that will be approved by the state.
Gordon Environmental is expected to present its proposal in 30 days to the city.