Special cooking school for diabetics

A special cooking school aimed at helping people with diabetes learn how to prepare delicious foods and manage their blood sugar levels will be held next month.

The school will meet for 3 hours, beginning at 5:30 p .m. on Feb. 12, 14, 19 and 21at the Extension Office in the basement of the courthouse. The schools are free of charge. 

Instructors will be nutritionist Jessie Robinson and home economist Brenda Bishop. Karen Halderson, register dietician and certifieddiabetes educator will also be available to answer questions at one of the classes

Items convered in the class will be meal planning, information on identifying carbohydrates and how to incorporate them into a healthy meal plan, label reading, low-fat and low-salt food preparation methods. 

Participants will receive a notebook full of information, two cookbooks, and a special gift.  During each class, participants will prepare and eat four dishes. 

Seating at the school will be limited to 16 people. Spouses are encouraged to attend with their loved one. You must pre-registration and participants must plan to attend all four sessions.

Due to the high demand for this school, participants or their immediate family members must have diabetes.

The Cooking School is sponsored by the Quay County Extension Service. Call 461-0562 for more information.  The last day to register to be included in the special evaluation drawing in Feb. 1.

To register, learn more or if you have a disability and are in need of auxiliary service to attend the school, call Brenda at 461-0562.