Arch Hurley to protest drilling in Largo Canyon

By Thomas Garcia Quay County Sun

Representatives of the Arch Hurley Conservancy District will meet with the Office of the State Engineer to protest the drilling of 10 wells by Robert Ritter Rimrock Rose LLC in the Largo Canyon in San Miguel County.

Arch Hurley manager Franklin McCasland and the district’s legal counsel will attend a Jan. 16 meeting with the state engineer in Santa Fe, McCasland said on Tuesday at the district’s board meeting.

“Originally, there were to be 16 wells drilled in the canyon but that number has been reduced to 10,” McCasland said. “The drilling will affect the conservancy’s watershed.”

In October 2007, the board approved the submission of a writ by its attorney to the Office of the State Engineer concerning Rimrock Rose’s wells. The writ requested that the company planning to drill the wells re-advertise its drilling plans in the immediate area.

“The wells could potentially affect the water tables and the ability of Arch Hurley to deliver water to its members,” Arch Hurley board president Larry Perkins has said.

The planned wells could draw water from the watershed that drains into the Canadian River and flows into Conchas Lake, Perkins said. Arch Hurley’s water is taken from Conchas Lake and can only be delivered to the irrigation project when it reaches certain levels.

The board also considered drafting a resolution enabling Arch Hurley to routinely protest any actions that would affect the irrigation project’s watershed and the eventual delivery of water to its members, McCasland said.

The annual crop census prices were determined at the meeting. The census is required by the Bureau of Reclamation for Arch Hurley’s annual debt service payment.

They are:
Alfalfa Hay $150 ton
Blue corn $15 cwt (hundredweight)
Cotton $275 a bale (bale=480 pounds)
Grazing $12 AUM (non-private)
Grazing $12 AUM (private)
Other hay $100 a ton
Pecans $175 cwt (unshelled)
Sorghum $6.50 cwt
Wheat $6 a bushel
Wheat pasture $15 per AUM (animal unit basis)

Other items approved by the board included:
l A $5,240 disposal fee for hazardous waste left in Arch Hurley warehouse. Those costs are expected to be recouped from Skip Vernon, who owned the material.

l Repairs to an existing Arch Hurley-owned home or the purchasing of a home for a relief ditch rider.

l Rates for custom work that requires the use of Arch Hurley equipment and personnel.