Rainbows, dreams lead to golden opportunity

By Lynn Moncus

Many of us have spent some time chasing rainbows, whether literally or figuratively, and have enjoyed the pursuit.

Because of my love of nature and the out-of-doors, I tend to do such mundane things as to follow rainbows in order to see what they may highlight as the pot of gold. Of course, they move so illusively that we aren’t allowed to see the exact spot at which they end, but we can dream as we walk or drive.

Most of the time, I have done that chasing during the warm weather months, but last Sunday, Aggie and I pursued those beautiful colors from Quay to town and watched a leg of the bow spotlight many places in the valley. We finally lost it just after we reached town, but we had taken numerous pictures and had great fun while watching the beauty fade as the sun quit refracting those colors from cloud to ground. I was much aware of that beauty and its fairly unusual appearance during this season.

To some of us who tend to be major sentimentalists, the rainbow represents our powers to dream and to chase those dreams. Young people may look a bit askance as we elders mention that we still chase our dreams. Actually, I tried a little experiment recently and had several young people trying to figure whether or not to run and exactly how to cope with the person who was talking in strange tongues. Well, they finally realized that age has nothing to do with our abilities to dream and to want to pursue some of those dreams.

Such dreams may be different when we are very young than they are when we areover the hill, but they are still pleasant to contemplate at any age. If we but recall, we know that some of our accomplishments have come about because of our hopes and dreams. From our imaginations reality is often born. If we but take the time to chase a few rainbows, we can find that the real pot of gold comes in the form of the chase and in the form of reaching the fruition of those dreams.

When we were very young, we dreamed of what we might become when we grew older, and many of us followed those dreams to the end of a particular rainbow. As we mature, we may continue to dream about possibilities of other accomplishments and can decide to set out to make those things happen. We can also come up with some dreams we know we can never bring to reality, but we can enjoy them nonetheless and can think of the possibilities of experiencing a small part of an all-too-large dream.

As long as we realize the difference between dreams and reality, we can enjoy both worlds and can be aware that we can turn some of those dreams into reality. For instance, when I was a mere toddler in the canyons, I dreamed of becoming a teacher. That dream took a few years and a bit of work, but it came true and gave me a wonderful life. Later I dreamed of traveling to a few of the places about which I had read and was also able to bring many of those dreams into much more than virtual reality.

Yes, I am still dreaming and chasing rainbows, but I’m not always going to talk about the subjects unless I feel fairly sure I can reach a portion of that rainbow. If I quit dreaming, I might as well quit breathing because those dreams and those rainbows have kept me going and have kept me enjoying life to the utmost.

Let’s just keep looking for rainbows and keep right on chasing them.