01-19-2008: Book Reviews

The following books are available from the Tucumcari Public Library. For more information, call 461-0295.

Memorial purchases
Power Of A Navajo by Henry Greenberg was purchased in memory of Bettie Ditto by Liz Trapp, Susie House, Misty and Taylor Bogard, David Dibble and Jared House Family.
The Everything Dog Training And Tricks Book by Gerilyn Bielakiewics was purchased in memory of Bill Glen by Liz Trapp, Susie House, and Misty and Taylor Bogard.
Picture Yourself Dancing by Shawn Trautman was purchased in memory of Bill Glen by Liz Trapp, Susie House, and Misty and Taylor Bogard.

Blasphemy by Douglas Preston. In a remote Arizona laboratory, in the dead of night, an anxious scientific team activates a huge computer system and aims it at the farthest reaches of the universe. Their mission: to recreate the circumstances of the “Big Bang” theory and see if it is a plausible explanation of how the world came to be.
Shadow Music by Julie Garwood. A thrilling tale of love, murder, adventure, and mystery set against the haunting landscape of medieval Scotland.
The Shooters by W.E.B. Griffin. Still in Argentina tying up loose ends from his investigation into the UN oil-for-food scandal, Castillo is startled when a young man is marched into his office at gunpoint, caught trying to sneak through the fence.
The Sight by Erin Hunter. A tale of three kittens. Each has a special strength or talent and each must struggle to find and fulfill its destiny.

Planet Earth by Alastair Fothergill. A companion to the BBC/Discovery Channel series, with more than 400 photographs.
Free Lunch by David Johnston. Free Lunch provides answers to this great economic mystery of our time, revealing how today’s government policies and spending reach deep into the wallets of the many for the benefit of the wealthy few.
Ana’s Story by Jenna Bush. First Daughter Jenna Bush worked with UNICEF in Latin America and the Caribbean. During that time, she met a young girl named Ana. Ana’s story is filled with hurt and abuse, with illness and disease, but also with hope and triumph.
King Of The Road by Lesley King. In these essays compiled from the New Mexico Magazine travel column of the same title, King introduces readers to the fascinating people and back roads of the Land of Enchantment.