Head for the hills, or we’ll be howling at the moon

By Aggie Moncus

At long last, I, Aggie, am going to visit with you this week. Actually this is our first visit in the New Year, and I am excited to be looking at a new calendar and wondering just what it is. All I can see is a bunch of funny markings, but the slave says those markings represent the days, weeks, and months of the year.

She also told me we are going to have a good year and enjoy each day as it comes along. I just went on about my business after that remark because I always enjoy each day and am eager to see what the next one holds. I’m a dog after all and don’t need to see if I can make life miserable for myself or others because I am one happy animal and don’t want to make any changes.

I have noticed that the slave is behaving a little better than she has for a very long time and have decided that change has something to do with the very long talks she has on the. telephone several times a week. I haven’t figured out to whom she talks, but I know she laughs a lot and makes a lot of noise about the past. She mentions many names I have never heard of but seems to think the persons with whom she is visiting knows the names and must like to hear them.

Even when we go for our Sunday drives and walks, she seems to be in a good mood. I hardly ever get yelled at for hitting the end of the leash while she is trying to take pictures, and that is really a change because she is usually threatening me with great bodily harm if I so much as move a muscle while she has that camera to her face. She just seems to relax as we walk and then likes to sit in the car for a while afterwards to look around and to listen to a lot of silence.

Of course, I am still playing with the toys I received for Christmas and am hoping the slave will be going shopping again soon as some of the goodies are now gone. She thinks she is fooling me by giving me some cookies shaped like bones and making me think they are some of her chocolate candy. Well, I am not a dumb dog! I know the difference between the smell of those rancid bones and that really dark chocolate she eats frequently.

Someone needs to let her know that she should try crunching on those bones For over a year, I have been trying to lead her to those canyons she so loves, but she says she isn’t quite ready to visit them just yet. I think she needs to go there to make herself feel even better than she seems to be feeling these days. I can kind of tell when she needs to do some really quiet thinking and also when she needs to wander along the rim of those canyons. I am really going to insist that we make that trip as soon as the weather warms a little more. If she can just see those canyons, she will have a really good beginning of another year, and I can relax more because she will be calm for a while.

Let’s all enjoy this year and do our very best to make each day pleasant for each other. Don’t let the slave get out of control because I have to work too hard to change her mood. I’d rather just run out to howl at the moon and lope around the house. If you don’t have anything else to do, you might try those exercises because they really will make you feel well!