District 3 candidate out of race

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Write-in candidate, Jerry Dale Williamson, did not qualify for the District 3 municipal race for the Tucumcari City Commission, said city clerk, Jeanette Maddaford.

In District 3, James L. Witcher is the only candidate running, and his is the only uncontested race in the City Commission election on March 4.

Williamson filed Tuesday to run as a write-in candidate, but he did not meet the state’s requirements for residency in the district, Maddaford said.

Williamson’s voter card said he was in District 3, but he lives in District 4, said Quay County Clerk Ellen White.

If Williamson had indicated that he wanted certification of his voter registration to run for office, his letter of certification would have been thoroughly checked, White said.

The office often receives requests for certification of voter information for drivers licenses, and other reasons, White said.

The girls in the office handled it as a routine request, said White, who said she was not there when Williamson came in the office.

One of the papers supporting Williamson’s registration, when he registered three or four years ago, did have the right district number on it, White said.

Williamson could not be reached for comment.