Rattlers celebrate Basketball Homecoming

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

Sandwiched in between a victory for the boys and somber loss for the girls were the Rattlers Basketball Homecoming festivities.
With the homecoming court taking half court, Rattlers guard Andrez Apodaca crowned homecoming queen Misty McKinney. The theme in the Snake Pit was centered around John Deere green and the fans approved.
Earlier in the evening, the Rattlers boys team bulldogged an 80-37 win from the Logan Longhorns.
From tip-off to halftime, the Rattlers controlled the ball offensively and defensively. The Rattlers defense was quick to pick off passes and their offense turned them into points.
�Our goal tonight was to eliminate turnovers and finish our shots on the inside and we accomplished that,� said Rattlers basketball coach John Span.
In the final seconds of the first half, Rattlers senior Andrez Apodaca nailed a 3-pointer and the Rattlers had a 50-17 lead.
Halfway through the third period Span rested his starting five, and put in the Rattlers second string.
Even with the Rattlers leading 70-25. The Longhorns did not stop trying to come back. With three minutes left in the final period Longhorns fighting spirit was shown when freshman Cody Morrison scored 7 points to become the Longhorns leading scorer.
Varsity Girls
The Lady Rattlers faltered in the final period and lost 55-38 to the Logan Lady Longhorns.
�Stupid fouls and missed free throws is what hurt us tonight,� said Lady Rattlers basketball coach Gary Hittson.
The Lady Rattlers were 7-18 from the free-throw line while the Lady Longhorns made 13-18.
The score remained close for the first three periods, and the Lady Longhorns fought to keep their 37-32 lead at the end of the third.
Midway in the fourth period, the game began to slip away. In four minutes the Lady Rattlers were only able to score 6-points while the Lady Longhorns took advantage of turnovers and free throw shots from fouls to add 21 points to their total for the night.
�Tucumcari was patient and kept out of foul trouble for the first three periods,� said Lady Longhorns basketball coach Clair Rochor. �We came out and outran them in the final period.�
The Rattlers play at 4 p.m. today against the Estancia Bears at Estancia.
Varsity Boys
Game leaders
A.J. Trujillo 18 points
Tyler Loftis 16 points
Cody Morrison 7 points
Taylor Smith 6 points

Varsity Girls
Game leaders
Hailey Valverde 13 points
Laura Fought 9 points
Tiffany Rochor 16 points
Delani Hazen 15 points