Democratic caucus set for Tuesday

Democrats will be holding a presidential preference caucus on Tuesday.

New Mexico is one of 21 states which will vote Tuesday, and these contests likely will determine the Democratic nominee, according to a news release from the state Democratic party.

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about the caucus.
Question: What is the New Mexico Presidential Preference Caucus?

Answer: The Presidential Preference Caucus is a statewide election conducted on Feb. 5 by the Democratic Party of New Mexico for the purpose of voting for the Democratic nominee for President. The results of this election will be used to determine New Mexico’s allocation of delegates among the Democratic Presidential candidates to the Democratic National Convention in August.

Will I still be able to vote for the Democratic nominee for President in New Mexico’s Primary on June 3?
No. The Feb. 5 caucus is the only opportunity New Mexico. Democrats will have to vote for President in a primary in 2008.

Is this an open or closed Caucus (meaning can people registered as Independents or as “Decline-to-State” participate)? Who is eligible to participate in the Caucus?
This is a closed Caucus – only Democrats in New Mexico who have officially registered Democratic by Jan. 4, 2008, may participate in the Caucus.

Will results of the Presidential Preference Caucus be ready on the evening of Feb. 5? When will finalized results be ready?
Preliminary results should be ready by 8:30 p.m. on Feb. 5. However,certified results will not be ready until Feb. 15.

What if my name is not on the voter registration list on Feb. 5 when I show up at the Caucus site?
If a voter believes his or her name has been mistakenly omitted from the list of eligible voters at his or her polling place, the voter may cast a provisional ballot. The eligibility of the voter will be determined by Democratic Party officials prior to the provisional ballot being counted and included in the final result.

Is this caucus taxpayer-funded?
No, the Presidential Preference Caucus is entirely funded by the Democratic Party.

Source: New Mexico Democratic Party, www.