Pearce visits THS, Logan

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce crisscrossed Quay County Tuesday delivering an anti-methamphetamine message to teens at Tucumcari High School, listening to constituents at Del’s Restaurant in Tucumcari and lunching with seniors at the Logan Senior Citizen Center.

Pearce said he has been highlighting the effects of methamphetamines on families and communities for almost two years and has spoken at other schools and community centers.

Tuesday’s presentation was delivered to over 300 junior and senior high school students.

Pearce said people in New Mexico are four to five times more likely to be addicted to meth than the national average.
“It’s a very huge problem we’re facing,” Pearce said.

At Del’s Pearce visited with about a dozen supporters, who voiced their concern about current Republican frountrunners, agricultural issues, the No Child Left Behind Act, which has not seen the introduction of continuing legislation, protection of America’s borders and inaccessibility of oil reserves in Alaska and on other federal lands.

Several said they were disappointed that Pearce and U.S. Rep. Heather Wilson were seeking U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici’s seat and vacating the House. Pearce said it important to have a true conservative in the Senate and someone who is familiar with agricultural issues from the West.

On the presidential front, Pearce said he did not think John McCain and Mitt Romney represented true conservative values, which elicited several nods from the group.

It was a short visit and Pearce was then headed to Logan.

“Senator Pearce wanted to come and touch base with the grassroots people,” said Kathy Irving of Logan. “He wants to represent the entire state and wants to meet the people he will be working for.”

Pearce spoke about Social Security and health care and visited each table of seniors.

“People always want to know who they are voting for and if they are going to remember them after election time,” Pearce said. “I’m going to all the small communities to meet the voters face to face.”

QCS Staff reporter Thomas Garcia contributed to this report.