Quay County Democrats choose Clinton

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Hillary Clinton swept Super Tuesday in Quay County with 383 votes in the Democratic Presidential Preference Caucus.

Barack Obama brought in 215 votes from the county’s Democrats who voted on Tuesday.

In all, 668 Democrats from Quay County participated in the caucus, said Ron Wilmot, co-chair of the Quay County Democratic Party.
State Democratic caucus organizers had expected 1,100 voters from Quay County based on the number of ballots provided, Wilmot said.

“For a cold day, the turnout was great,” Wilmot said. “To come out on a day like today, it shows that they were committed to one person. There was a lot of excitement.”

Political observers have predicted that the youth vote or those from the “millennial generation” may sway the presidential nominees and election.

In Quay County, however, most of the Democratic voters were middle-aged or older, Wilmot said.

“There were very few young people,” he said.

One young voter 19-year-old, Marriah Tipton, said she voted for Clinton.

“She’s a Christian,” Tipton said. “And I like her ideas about money for schools and for health care.”

Tipton said several of her girlfriends were for Clinton.

“It will take a woman to straighten out the nation,” said Ida Macias, who added her vote to the Clinton tally.

“I think she’d be a good president,” said Tony Macias.

Although Obama has invoked the JFK Kennedy image and Kennedy family supporters, he is too young and doesn’t yet have enough depth, said Sharron Fitzner.

“I wish he had waited eight years, so we could see his Congressional voting record,” said Fitzner.

“It was a hard decision,” said Fitzner, who put her vote behind Clinton.

Clinton will be a better executive, Fitzner said.

Priscilla Griego was in the Obama camp.
“He wants to take us out of the war,” Griego said.

Barbara Griego said, “We were only supposed to be in Iraq for two years.”

Another Obama supporter, Frances Shay said, “He’s a uniter. I believe he will bring together the youth. It’s time for the youth of America to take over. I think he’s a man of integrity and he has real intellect.”

“I think we need a clean slate,” said Ce Goddard, who voted for Obama.
“I think he’s honest and I think he can do well” Goddard said.

Dolores M. Quintana, said her vote for Obama was a vote against Clinton.
And when it comes down to the last two candidates standing, Quintana, said she would vote Republican if that candidate was more appealing.

In the end, Ida Macias said, Presidents “can’t do anything unless they have the support of Congress. But when we start complaining, at least, we can say we came out to vote. We have put in our two cents worth.”

The next step for Quay County Democrats is a meeting on March 1 to select delegates to attend the state Democratic Convention.

Quay County has seven delegates, including co-chairs Ron Wilmot and Jane Frost, who are already slated to attend.

To see how individual counties voted visit www.nmdemocrats.org