Card talk is faux talk

By Lynn Moncus

Trying to keep up with the times is a most difficult task for some of us and often seems more than a little unnecessary.

For instance, I recently received a collection of “Conversation Cards” and wondered just what to do with them. Their purpose seems to be to give families and friends something to talk about during dinner or any kind of gathering.

That whole idea blew the mind of this woman from lma because when I had a family and when I am now with friends, we have never needed to search for subjects for conversations.

We have been resourceful enough to talk about all sorts of subjects of interest to all of us. Depending upon the occasion, we may discuss current events, family problems, good news about others or selves, or even politics and religion. To have someone feel obligated to introduce a subject for us to discuss would be a mistake to begin with because we still have minds of our own and can be right creative when necessary.

I can’t even imagine someone reading a topic from a card and telling us what we were going to discuss during our time together.
On the other hand, some people may need to have help because they aren’t used to carrying on friendly conversations.

Just to think that people are now so limited that they have to create fake subjects to discuss sort of makes me want to return to those canyons and their surrounding silence.

I cannot imagine what my family and friends would have done had I asked, “Would you rather be remembered for your brains or your humor?”

Had we been in the canyons at that time, I would have left the table in one big hurry and not returned from the bottom of the canyon for some hours.

Aren’t we fortunate to have lived when people could still visit with each other and even when they could be comfortable with each other during silent periods?