Commissioners hope health care funds stay in county

By Chelle Delaney, Quay County Sun

Quay County Commissioners expressed concern over the financial health of rural hospitals, if they lose funds to a proposed statewide health care plan.

In a discussion about whether or not pending legislation on Gov. Bill Richardson’s desk would survive, the governor’s proposed health care coverage plan, if it taps certain tax resources, would hurt Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital, said chairman Franklin McCasland.
Rural hospitals “are going to have tough time surviving,” McCasland said.

In other business before the board on Monday:

l Agreed to reduce rental fees at the Quay County fairgrounds and arena for the Junior High Plains Rodeo, sponsored by the Tucumcari Kiwanis Club.

Costs of stall rentals are too costly for families that have several children competing in the event, said Doyle Frasier who spoke on behalf of Kiwanis.

l Agreed to approve applications for loans for two Class A pumpers for the fire districts in Jordan for $138,889 and in Bard-Endee for $166,667.

l Discussed plans to negotiate with the Mesalands Foundation for the purchase of a building at 216 E. Center St., formerly the Mesalands Success Center. The foundation is asking $225,000 for the building and property. The building would be used to house the Quay County Extension Service, which is currently in the basement of the Quay County Courthouse.

l Discussed the possibility of pending agreements with the Ute Water Reservoir Commission, which meets today in Clovis, on the point of diversion for water for the Ute Lake Ranch development.