For every reason, season Mardo’s got the tie

By Chelle Delaney, Quay County Sun

David Mardo is the kind of guy who can give any dress shirt a �toon-up.�
Mardo has more than 150 ties to his name. Well, they aren�t all exactly in his name. Many of his ties have other people�s names on them.
Such as the Pittsburgh Steelers. �I didn�t get to wear that one often enough,� Mardo said. �But they have won a Super Bowl.�
Such as �It�s a girl.� Mardo had to don that tie last December when his wife Laura gave birth to their fourth child, Rachel Eve on Christmas Day.
Such as Spiderman. �I�ve loved Spiderman since I was kid,� Mardo said.
Such as Cat in the Hat. �It�s Dr. Seuss�s birthday next week.�
Whatever the occasion, Mardo has the right accessory.
�I like them. One of my favorite cartoons is Snoopy,� said Alyssa Oglesby, 5.
Eight years before Mardo walked into the classroom, he started his working day at a bank. �Ties were the only way to accessorize,� he said. �So, I�d wear a tie for certain holidays.�
Then four years ago, he walked into the classroom as a kindergarten teacher, where the imaginations of kids are enhanced by cartoons, action heroes and the like.
This school year, for example, there will be 147 days of school. So he�s got them all covered.
And he better have. Not only do his students give him an inspection every school day to see what tie he is wearing, but so do many of his fellow teachers.
�We love it,� said teacher, Rita Caton. �The kids check out his tie every day. He�s just a kid at heart.
�He�s got one with dinosaurs that he wears when we take the kids to the Dinosaur Museum at the end of the year,� Caton added.
�See the posters of Spiderman,� said teacher Terry Gudgell, pointing to Mardo�s classroom wall. �That�s his � that�s not the kids�.�
�I get a lot of comments,� Mardo said. �I�ve even received ties from some of the teachers.�
But there are some restrictions when you�re tie crazy. �I always ask my wife if I can get a new one. She�s bought me a lot of them,� Mardo said.
Mardo also said he has found some bargains on eBay.
And, �I do have some conservative ones for church,� he said.
While some men disdain a dress shirt, with its collar drawn tight under the pull of a thin silk band, Mardo said, �It�s almost expected now.�
Besides, he said, �Mainly, I wear them for the children. It�s fun to see their reactions when I wear a new one.�