City elections on Tuesday

By QCS Staff

The election for Tucumcari Commissioners will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday.

The following candidates are running in the following districts:

l District 1, Ralph L. Moya and Robert W. Ciolli are running for the District 1 position now held by Mayor Antonio J. Apodaca.

l District 2, Jimmy R. Sanodval is running for the seat now held by Christopher Maestas.

l District 3, James L. Witcher, is uncontested.

l District 4, Mark A. Hodge is running for the position now held by Robert C. Lumpkin.

The race in District 4 is for a two-year term because Lumpkin was appointed to fill out Mayor Mary Mayfield’s term. Mayfield resigned in September 2007 because of health reasons. All other races are for a four-year term.

The mayor of the commission is elected by the commissioners and is not an elected position.

Voting will be at the following sites:

District 1: Del Norte Center, 400 N. Fourth St.
District 2: Tucumcari Recreation Center, 900 E. Laughlin Ave.
District 3: Tucumcari High School Auditorium, 724 W. Gamble Ave.
District 4: Tucumcari School Federal Credit Union, 1608 S. Rock Island St .
See a map of the districts on page 5.