Results of municipal elections in Quay County

Based on records from the Quay County Clerk�s office, as of Jan. 7, there are 2,282 eligible voters in districts 1, 2, 3 and 4, said Tucumcari City Clerk Jeannette Maddaford
The breakout of voters in the districts in the election are:
District 1 – 531
District 2 – 582
District 3 – 607
District 4 – 562
Results will be posted as soon as they become available
Results of Municipal Elections in Quay County
Tucumcari City Commission
District 1 – four-year term
79 Mayor Antonio J. Apodaca (incumbent)
07 Robert W. Ciolli
42 Ralph L. Moya
District 2 – four-year term
60 Christopher Maestas (incumbent)
62 Jimmy R. Sanodval
District 3 – four-year term
22 James L. Witcher
In District 4 – two-year term
24 Mark A. Hodge
51 Robert C. Lumpkin (incumbent)
(The race in District 4 is for a two-year term because Lumpkin was appointed to fill out Mayor Mary Mayfield’s term. Mayfield resigned because of health reasons.)
There are 775 eligible voters in Logan.
Each position is for a 4-year term.
Councilmember Position No. 1
49 Angie M. Bailey
282 Darrel Boulware (incumbent)
Councilmember Position No. 2,
146 Jack V. Claborn, Jr.
189 Steve Garcia (incumbent)
“It was a real close race and I am thankful for all the support from the community and voters that I received,” said Steve Garcia. “I have been on the council for 21 years and people know that I will work hard for them. I am glad that I have an opportunity to continue working for the citizens of Logan.”
There are 156 eligible voters in San Jon
San Jon
Two incumbent at-large trustees face races against a newcomer:
13 Curtis W. Simonsen
45 Leo Pacheco (incumbent)
39 Rodney J. Stoner (incumbent)
There are 67 eligible voters in House
The House Village Council seats open for election are not contested and all incumbents are seeking reelection.
Each position is for a 4-year term.
16 Sherman Martin
16 Councilor Cathy Ray
14 Councilor Deborah Patton
Elections will be March 4 in House, Logan, San Jon and Tucumcari.